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2022: Israeli art exhibited in Venice, Torino in Italy - Israel Culture - The Jerusalem Post.
2022: What will happen when “what is” disappears – Ronit Keret gives Styrofoam a unique aura.
2022: Ynet - Wakeup call: The artist who wants to save the glaciers.
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2022: AICF - TEARS by Ronit Keret: Art Project in Venice
2022: Preview (Video)- Ronit Keret - 'Tears' - Venice Biennale 2022 - Palazzo Mora - ECC - Personal Structures
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2022: Where science meets Arts - The Looming Flood - Tears - Site-specific installation | Weizmann Institute of Science
2022: Художница, котораяспасаетайсберги, илиПлачполедникам
2022: Vesty
2022: РонитКерет – ISRAELI CULTURE
2022: Художница, котораяспасаетайсберги | ИСРАГЕО
2022: Mako - New exhibitions and recommended art events at museums throughout Israel
2022: Megafon News - In two exhibitions, the artist Ronit Keret warns of the global economic threat posed by the melting glaciers
► 2021: A retrospective catalog (Sep)
► 2021: Review by Avi Pitchon about solo exhibition at Janko Dada Museum, Haaretz daily newspaper
2021: 10 questions Interview, Al-Tibe 9 international art magazine.
2020: Artist of the Month (DEC), The women art and gender studies magazine
► 2020: "A question of the human condition", Art market magazine, August issue
► 2020: Special collection – Women Artists, 44 Degrees,  on-line art magazine
2018: Review by Gilli Sitton, about my solo exhibition "tears", Erev Rav on-line art magazine
► 2014: "Kalkalat Bait", Yehonatan Amir – Review in Time-Out magazine
► 2014: “Ellipsis” – Bezalel, Sovar Lerner, Virtual Exhibition